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Hiiiiiiii I’m back again~

Unfortunately I am extremely broke right now and my parents have been amazing and paid a bunch of my uni despite the fact they have no money either ;-; So I wanted to do these commissions again because you guys were amazing and I got so many requests! ;A; Thank you! Anyways here I am again to hopefully be able to pay back my parents a bit~ So feel free to request away I don’t bite! (Oh and if you feel like you can’t afford something we can always work something out~ I’m pretty easy going!)

(because I deleted my old art blog 1215-thexiahtic most of it is gone so if you want to check out more of my art, go here: xxxx)

General rules: I’ll do anything with the exception of full nudity, anything gruesome, or disrespectful. Anything includes pairings, anime characters, portraits of you, a pet or family member, whatever really C: Don’t be shy asking! Seriously!!

Anyway if you’d like a commission feel free to message me, and no nothing sounds stupid or weird to me :)))  And I’ll let you know more details and such there!!

And even if you don’t want anything right now, please please please reblog if you can as my new blog is still pretty fresh and nobody knows I’m here yet I’ve been hiding it awayyy~~~

Thanks for your attention! <3

(I’ll tag this in fandoms that may apply but there’s really no restrictions c:)

My feelings right now….I can’t describe how I feel exactly. I’m happy, sad, wistful, proud and more at the same time.

So much emotional, he seems to enjoy to sing this old songs remembering the time he was with TVXQ as five. We can see his tears at the end and he can feel how Cassiopeia’s heart beats with melancholy. Perhaps for some fans it’s nothing but for me…He gave me faith in the future and joy because he didn’t forget his ex bandmates.

Honestly, it’s a beautiful gift he gave to us, Cassiopeia.

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